2018 Mt. Ogden Girls Basketball Team

Thanks to all of the players that came out for the team.  It takes a lot of courage to try out for something and as coaches, we appreciate all of your efforts.  If you are not on this list and would like to know things you can do to improve on, please see Coach Galbraith tomorrow after school.  Our first practice is tomorrow morning at 6:15 AM.  It is important that you are in the gym ready to start at 6:15.

Congratulations to the following girls that have made the 2018 Mount Ogden Basketball Team:

Isabela Aparicio

Andrea Banegas

Ajae Belliston

Amanda Bergesen

Ashley Christensen

Zoey Franklin

Lily Galbraith

Jennica Gil

Donna Gonzalez

Jasmine Jimenez

Chloe Lindquist

Ashley Lopez

Beverly Mejia

Taylor Nelson

Ellie Oliverson

Grace Pulley

Rylee Rice

Leloni Rivera

Brynn Smith

Sole VanOrden